How well does your website perform?

We help councils, charities and other public sector bodies to review and improve the performance of their websites

What is a Digital Health Check?

A digital health check is an independent performance audit of your website to help you to fully assess its strengths and weaknesses and then make improvements based on it. This service is available to councils, charities and other public sector bodies to review and improve their websites.

We begin by talking to you about your website and find out about any concerns that you might have. An audit will be tailored to your needs based on your specific requirements.

We provide you with a comprehensive report with recommendations on how to improve the performance of your website. You can implement these recommendations yourself, find an external agency, or we can work with you to put them in place.

A digital health check will put you in the best possible place before redeveloping your website, changing your content management system or introducing a new service. It will also help you to plan and organise work on your website, such as improving accessibility or refining your content management processes.


Is your website available to all and fully compliant with the legal requirements around accessibility?


Websites need a familiar visual identity to build trust and credibility. Does your website branding help to reinforce this?

Content management

Are you satisfied with how you manage content? Is the content management system you are using the best fit for your needs?

Green credentials

If your organisation is committed to tackling climate change then your website needs to lead by example and reflect its green credentials.

Mobile friendly

Is your website optimised for mobile, as that is the main way that people will be accessing it?


Can people easily find information on your website? Does the navigation on your website help them on their journey?

How effective is the search facility on your website? Has it been fully configured to return useful search results?

Speed analysis

Poorly performing sites that load slowly in a browser can drive people away. How does your website perform?


Is your website easy to use? How do you currently review usability and what testing do you carry out?